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Several Injured As Chinese Fans Mob Beckham

David Beckham, a retired superstar of football and now its ‘image ambassador’ hired by the Chinese Super League, continues to be very popular in China, and his recent visit to this country has only proved it. Football fans eager to see Beckham overpowered a police cordon in a Shanghai university. As a result, seven people got injured, including five members of the security personnel.

According to the Shanghai police, three police officers, two university security guards and two students were injured. The ex-captain of England wanted to visit university’s campus and coach young players; however, the organizaers could not expect that his visit would cause so much excitement. Thousands of fans crowded the campus and its football field, trying to see David Beckham. When the star arrived, the crowd moved forward, crashing the police cordons.

Source: AP.ORG

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